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Saints Row 4 Walkthrough
In Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell for the PS4; The Devil drags the Saint's Boss down to Hell, and upon realization, Saints lieutenant Johnny Gat volunteers to go get them back, with Kinzie following on the argument that it's her birthday. Upon arriving, they find the Ultor Corporation has a branch in Hell, and suspect former Saints enemy, Dane Vogel, is behind this entire new story-line. When they confront Vogel, he admits he's not behind this but he is taking advantage of Hell's economy, and offers to help the Saints save their leader. Meanwhile, Satan's daughter, Jezebel is rebelling against her father, as Satan declares she is a possession to him and Jezebel wants to be free from him.
Saints Row 4 Gat Out Of Hell PS4 Screenshot
Vogel helps Johnny and Kinzie try to get Satan's attention by going around Hell, gaining allies from Kiki & Viola DeWynter, William Shakespeare, Blackbeard, and Vlad the Impaler. Jezebel approaches Johnny and offers to take him to Satan's palace, in hopes he can defeat her father for good. At the palace, Johnny immediately confronts Satan, who threatens to kill Jezebel unless Johnny drops his gun. When he does, Satan gleefully boasts and praises Johnny for all he did and names him worthy of marrying Jezebel. When Johnny won't listen, Satan forcibly makes a deal with Johnny if he marries Jezebel in the Boss's place, then he will let them go. At the wedding, Johnny shoots Satan in the face, to no effect. Johnny and Kinzie take out Satan's minions.
Saints Row 4 Gat Out Of Hell PS4 Screenshot
Ultimately, they defeat Satan, who surrenders before they can finish him off. Unable to handle defeat, Satan banishes them from Hell, along with Jezebel and the Boss, back to the mortal realm. Johnny, however, is detained by God, who explains that Satan was plotting an invasion on Heaven since Zinyak hastened the Apocalypse by destroying Earth, hoping to use either Johnny or the Boss as the general of his army, and offers to return the favor for Johnny stopping him. The player can then choose one of five endings where God lets Johnny into Heaven to be with his dead girlfriend Aisha, sends him back to Hell to take it over as its new king, finds a new home world for the Saints so humanity can be rebuilt.
Saints Row 4 Gat Out Of Hell PS4 Screenshot
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