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Sony might be already developing a streamlined ps4 console. The current trend is naturally the desire for slimmer, smaller and better gaming consoles. Many smart phones, tablets and laptops followed this trend and it will be no surprise that Sony would continue following this trend also. The design would be sleeker and slimmer. Sony might be hoping for a success in sales similar to what had happened when the company had offered the PS3 Slim. It is also through the PS4 Slim that the Sony’s Project Morpheus or their Virtual Reality headset will make its appearance. Gamers would be constantly asking for more with regards to the devices and Sony has given them more than expected, thus a ps4 slim console might just be around the corner.
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Sony has given them the PS3 Slim which has upgraded features. So now, after the release of the PS4, fans might need to wait on the PS4 Slim and in most cases, anticipation is unavoidable. Timing is also another factor to consider. Over the past years, Sony had always been in the lead when it comes to releasing new consoles. The speedy release of consoles led to the falling behind of Xbox. Also, PS4 Slim release is timed with the release of newer sets of console games. Needless to say, all of these would come to light as the time for the E3 2015 goes nearer. Sony’s PS4 has been leading the eighth generation console charts with millions and millions of sales ever since it was released back in 2013.
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Packing slightly more powerful hardware than its opponent, PS4 is doing remarkably well in the local markets around the globe. Despite its growing sales and popularity, many gamers still abstain from adopting the latest console, apparently due to its stability issues and video games that still run below 1080p next-gen resolution standard. To expand its user base and give a boost to the console’s offerings, Sony’s best bet is the PS4 Slim console with improved hardware and aesthetics, and rumors claim that the manufacturer is working on it behind closed doors. The images come off the web from a source that is not named, the original author behind the leak could not be located for discussion. The screenshots, seem to be press images for the PS4 Slim.
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PS4 Slim Leaked Images?

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PS4 Slim Leaked Images?
Could it be that Sony is on the verge of completing their PS4 Slim. There are some doubts as to whether Sony will be introducing the slim console in the Electronic Entertainment Expo this 2015. However, with the leaks from web about the design for the PS4 Slim, some inferences regarding its specifications and designs. The PS4 Slim will be having an upgraded and improved hardware modification. It will be sporting SSD instead of the usual HDD. This is to optimize the current video games at a full 1080p resolution. There has also been rumors about the removal of the Blu-Ray Drive. Although many users had complained about this speculation, digital storage is an must have for gamers.
Showing reduction in the scale of Sony’s latest console. The images shared below, show that the PS4 Slim appears to be around half the size of the ps4. Tthe disc slot displaced, and notable changes in its size and shape compared to the regular console. Rumors about the PS4 slim began after the console’s launch, and now that the standard console has already sold millions of units it is expected that Sony will take the press floor at next year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo and, at the least, announce the slim variant of its eighth generation video game console. The PS4 Slim will feature a compact, more coordinated design that will fix issues and improve hardware. This will allow developers to optimize the latest video games at full 1080p resolution and other next-gen standards.
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There have been many reports suggesting that Sony might even come up with a cheaper version of its latest console by removing the optical Blu-Ray drive, as many, if not most, users prefer to keep their video game content digital. The removal of the optical drive will allow for an even slimmer and lighter console with minimal load times and easier data transfer using a solid state drive. It is a bit difficult to say if Sony will really think about incorporating the feature into the PS4 Slim. Just like any other high pitched topic of interest in the gaming industry, the slim variants of the eighth generation video game consoles have been gathering enough attention right a few months after the launch of the original consoles themselves.
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Several rumors and leaks have suggested that Sony Computer Entertainment might already be working on the inevitable PS4 Slim, but the latest leak images are the first one to showcase what clearly is an alleged slim model of the PS4 console that is expected to be announced at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo or Gamescom. The Leaked Images Showcase PS4 Slim Console Looks compact, and Small in Size with displaced Disc Slot. Further Rumors and discussions about the PS4 slim began soon after Sony launched its eighth generation video game console, suggesting that the Japanese platform holder might come out with a slim variant of the PS4 with improved hardware and aesthetics sooner than later, but until now there hasn’t been anything on the visual end. However, a number of leaked images started show casing slim and more compact PS4 console started making rounds on the internet lately, backing up the rumors that suggest that Sony is already hard at work for the production of the PS4 slim.
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