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PS4 News

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PS4 News

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Now get all the latest ps4 news and reviews on your favorite Sony PlayStation PS4 games right here on Here you can easily view all the latest ps4 games that are out now or coming soon the ps4 console. Read through some awesome ps4 news articles, view ratings and reviews for your favorite and best ps4 titles and accessories. You can also signup for our free monthly newsletter and get on time, up to date specific notifications on all new ps4 game releases or available DLC updates, merchandise and news as it becomes available. is not owned or regulated by Sony and/or Sony PlayStation. Should you seek any help or if you need to contact us please reach us on Please allow up to 48 hrs for us to reply to your e-mail, we do take each and every e-mail very seriously and we will respond as soon as possible to all your queries. You may also  signup for our free monthly newsletter & receive up to date notifications about all newly added content and ps4 game releases. You may also Follow Us on Google+ or Follow Us on Twitter for Free Daily Updates and Notifications. Please do not forget to signup to our free monthly newsletter to get all your favorite PS4 game ratings reviews and notifications right to your inbox each month for free. We will not spam your e-mail account, nor will we share your e-mail address with anyone should you choose to subscribe to our newsletter. You may read our full privacy policy here for further details. Only the coolest and best games for PS4 get featured here so do please bookmark us and please check back often for new games, ratings, reviews and the latest ps4 news updates. You will also find many articles on what's new and what's happening within the ps4 gaming community. We try to stay up to date as possible with all the new and best ps4 news and latest ps4 games. This is a site created by ps4 fans for ps4 fans, and it is always under development. Should you want to write an article or review about your favorite ps4 game, you may send it to us and we may feature it on For further details please contact us here. Some titles you may find here are rated "M" for mature and you may find some images disturbing and/or not suitable to your liking. We cover a wide variety of ps4 games and news articles which may sometimes appear to be somewhat offensive or may be viewed as mature content in some cases. Not all ps4 games that are featured here may be available in all countries, please see your country's policy for your preferred ps4 game titles. Some games may also be released on different dates depending on the region you are in. Usually games for the ps4 are released on the same day globally, however some games might come later to some countries and territories. While visiting our site you may also find out about awesome new accessories for your ps4 console and/or promotional offers. Please enjoy all the latest Sony PlayStation, Affiliates and it's talented developers have on offer and find great quality, original content on all your favorite and new up and coming ps4 games and accessories. Don't forget you may write to us at any time simply send us an email here or you can follow us on twitter and/or google+ and get in contact with us that way. We are also open to any ideas, suggestions or comments you may want to share with us. We believe Sony's Playstation 4 is an amazing gaming console with amazing graphics capabilities and features, not better nor worse than any other gaming system and we believe in the quality and brand of the ps4. We here at welcome you to our website and encourage you to explore every single feature of your favorite ps4 game titles before you buy. You may read more about us here.            
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Enjoy the ultimate Destiny® experience on the exclusive Glacier White PS4. With the Destiny® PlayStation®4 Bundle, always lead the charge with exclusive multiplayer maps, strike missions, and the expanded arsenal needed to truly become legend. In Destiny®, you are a Guardian of the last city on Earth. Join with friends to form a Fire Team and explore the ancient ruins of the solar system - from the red dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus. Face off against Earth’s enemies in cooperative Strike Missions and challenge other Guardians in competitive arenas. Personalize and upgrade every aspect of how you look and fight with a nearly limitless combination of armor, weapons, and visual customizations.
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